Order Mastering

Everybody wants loud music, so they think after they have mixed the track all they need to do is bring ozone up and smash it through a limiter so it the same level as other commercial music, but then they play it against that music and it sounds lifeless and dull. This is where my mastering experience is priceless. So don’t just bang it through a limiter, if you don't have the knowledge to stop wasting your time and ruining your hard worked mixes and order my mastering services:

1. Send a letter describing your order, the services of your interest, attach the source material. The format of the source material: WAVE, as it is 16/44, 24/48, 32/96 ... - that is, with the same parameters with which the mix "left" after the mixing, without additional conversions and re-saving; on the master section - without limiter. Specify in the letter links to your materials located on your own server or in file-sharing services. You can use any services that are convenient for you.


All wishes and comments on the order including fades and loudness should be sent simultaneously with the material. If you have music references in a style close to yours, as examples of sound that you would like to get after mastering - attach them with audio files (mp3 320 kBit / sec is enough).


I will be grateful for the name of the artist, the name of the musical project and the names of the compositions sent to mastering.


2. After checking your material and specifying the details of the order, I will send you a PayPal.Me link for payment. The work is 100% advance payment. You can also hire and pay me via this link:



If you still have questions, please contact me by e-mail: bsmastering@gmail.com

Please send your order to bsmastering@gmail.com



Tracks are mastered by Tim only and returned within 48 hours of receiving the order


Free Test Mastering

I am offering a test master of one song at no cost before submitting a mastering project. 

Please upload a WAV file of your mix at the native sample rate of your mixing session, and a bit-depth of at least 24-bit. Please remove any peak-limiting that you may have on the master fader so I have ample headroom to master from. If you have been mixing with a limiter or aggressive dynamics processing on the master fader, it’s often helpful to send versions with and without that processing.

Please include the artist/band name, official song title, as well as any songs I should reference while mastering so I know what you like in terms of loudness and tonal balance (EQ). Specify in the letter links to your materials located on your own server or in file-sharing services. You can use any services that are convenient for you. Please send your links and track info to bsmastering@gmail.com

Test masters will typically be competed in 1 to 3 days.

Stereo Mastering


Stereo mastering is achieved with just one audio file. I will enhance your song to give you the optimum balance and loudness. Please note that in my opinion a standard master of the loudest music genres such as rock, hip hop or house should be no louder than -8 LUFS.


50$ /1 track

Additional copy of Mastering for iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Youtube and Soundcloud

Before you submit your iTunes music for sale, Apple recommends that you adapt the sound of your tracks according to their requirements for subsequent high-quality encoding to the AAC format. Although the mastered wav file you receive from stereo mastering is perfect for uploading to streaming services. You may like to use a less limited version that is peaking at around -14 - 12 LUFS. Please note: this file will sound less compressed to the normal full level mastered track. 


15$ /1 track/As a bonus free for the first time order.


Additional versions of the track

Minus, versions with different amount of vocals, instruments, in other languages, with other parameters, etc. Note that an additional version of the track is considered only when it is sent simultaneously with the main track.
(Otherwise, it is paid as a separate track)


20$ /1 track


Stem Mastering

Master from 8 or less stems of the final mix. I can fine tune the main elements of your mix to perfection in my neutral listening environment.


100$ /1 track